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  • Emmi was full of life and affection and spirit. Every day with Emmi was filled with adventure.

  • We regret that we didn't value that experience enough.

  • Emmi came to her owner's office every day. She barked to warn the staff of all visitors.

  • Emmi patrolled her yard to control animals and the neighbor's cat.

  • After disc surgery at Cornell. During her recovery, Emmi would not walk for the staff at Cornell. Once through the front door of the hospital, she would break into a gallop.

  • Emmi's teeth were legendary, She left her marks on the technicians who cut her nails, gave her pills, And emptied her bladder.

  • Emmi loved children. Emmi loved people. To her neighbors, she was known as a social butterfly.

  • Emmi's bark was deep and loud. People were amazed that a bark that deep could some from such a small dog.

  • Emmi developed heart failure, which reduced her mobility. But through it all, she lifted the hearts of those around her.

  • Now she is gone. And no one need br afraid to cry.
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